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Enjoy learning to master your piano skills with this one-on-one coaching or piano lesson. NOTE: ONLY AVAILABLE AT SELCT LOCATIONS/TIMES. You must contact us for more information and scheduling before purchasing this service or you will be automatically refunded.

Also available is a 45min lesson ($40.00), or a 1 hour lesson ($60.00), monthly ($180.00)

While these lessons are generally geared toward the church pianist, with accompaniment in mind, they are individually tailored for your specific needs.

Beginning to late intermediate/advanced level lessons are available. First lesson will be introductory and intends to gauge where you are in your abilities so that I can tailor your training individually. 

Learn to

  • Become proficient at sight-reading sheet music
  • See chords rather than individual notes
  • Use the entire keyboard
  • Transpose music in your head
  • Understand intervals 
  • Play by ear
  • Create your own arrangements
  • Tips and techniques from 25 years of experience
  • Improvise with octaves, arpeggios, runs, patterns and many other techniques. 
  • And much more!